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Bulletin 147 - August 2021

Bulletin 146 - April 2021

Bulletin 145 - December 2020

Bulletin 144 - August 2020

Bulletin 143 - April 2020

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Bulletin 141 - August 2019

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Bulletin 139 - December 2018

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Bulletin 133 - December 2016

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Bulletin 127 - December 2014

SIAS very much regrets that, due to a last-minute error by the compositor, Iain and Mary Miles' book review of  A Maritime History of Somerset, Volume 2 failed to appear in some copies of this Bulletin. The Review has been reprinted in Bulletin 128, which was published in April.


Bulletin 126 - August 2014

Once a familiar landmark to be seen above Watchet, the chimney

of Wansborough Mill was built in 1865 of red bricks from Wellington

Brickworks. Its four sections were each marked by a double course of

buff brick from Ebbw Vale and further bound by iron bands.

Originally 75 feet (23m) in height, two further sections were added totalling

15 feet (4.6m) to provide additional up-draught. The chimney survived

until 2011 when it was replaced by a new stainless-steel structure.

SIAS supported initiatives to preserve the structure but without success,

and could do no more than record the details for posterity.


Demolition and Loss (Brian Murless)

Recognition and Recording (Peter Daniel)


Bulletin 125 - April 2014

The winter of 2014 saw the latest severe flooding of the Somerset Levels.

Dutch pump company Van Heck brought in temporary pumps from the

Netherlands with a capacity of over 6,000 m3/h to assist

in lowering the water levels.


Louis' Legacy - Eric Kelting and Somerset's Steam Heritage (Iain Miles)

Albert Day & Co. and their Involvement with the Culverwell Engine (Iain Miles)


Bulletin 124 - January 2014


The cast-iron plate from Mark Foundry on the Day apple mill

preserved at Hestercombe Gardens


 Limeburning in Cheddar Parish (Peter Daniel)

Albert Day & Co. and the Mark Foundry (Iain Miles)

SIAS and the Somerset HER (Brian Murless)

Obituary: Bob Cox, 1922 - 2013 (Mary Miles)


Bulletin 123 - August 2013

Van Heusen Factory, Taunton in 1978


A Waterwheel Driven Pumping System at Otterhead (Peter Daniel)

Report on the South Wales and West of England Regional Conference

A Limekiln at Dodington (Peter Daniel)



 Bulletin 122 - April 2013


Tarr Steps - "The stones are knocked and get relatively harmlessly

dislodged; they then wait patiently to be put back together!"


Limekiln at Lamyatt (Peter Daniel)

Willoughby Farm (Peter Daniel & Geoff Fitton)

Tarr Steps (Peter Radford)

Report on Recent Meetings (Geoff Roughton)



Bulletin 121 - December 2012


...tempus fugit...


Special Anniversary Issue - Looking Back Over 40 Years of SIAS

Newcomen 300: A Report on the Dartmouth Conference, July 2012



Bulletin 120 - August 2012


Boden's Mill, Chard


Bruton Church Gates (Brian Shingler)

SWWRIAC Report (Geoff Roughton)

Wartime Aircraft Repair (David Hunt)



Bulletin 119 - April 2012



Somerton Town Trail (Peter Daniel)

Smith Tibbits (Mike Jones)

Edington Dole Stones (Sandy Buchanan)



Bulletin 118 - December 2011



Restoration of Chaffcombe Waterwheel (Rowland Butler)

A Limekiln at Nurcott, Luxborough (Peter Daniel)



Bulletin 117 - August 2011



Taunton's Waterfront (Brian Murless)

Quants - an unfinished reservoir (Roy Coombs and Tanya James)



Bulletin 116 - April 2011



Whitelackington Forge and Estate Workshop (Peter Daniel)



Bulletin 115 - December 2010

Coltonpits mine in the winter of 1909-10

41st South Wales and West Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference (Bob Cox)
The Langport Flood Gates (Bob Cox)



Bulletin 114 - August 2010

Lime kilns partially demolished at Milverton in 1974

(Peter Daniels)
Committee Notes and News No. 2 (Brian Murless)



Bulletin 113 - April 2010


John Heathcoat and the First Crawler Tractor (Derrick Warren)
James Culverwell and the Bridgwater Iron Foundry (Brian Murless)
Yeovil at Work in the 1930's



Bulletin 112 - December 2009

Chard Museum Booklet

Wings Over Everest - South Somerset Museum, Yeovil
Croscombe Fossick -  A Postscript



Bulletin 111 - August 2009

Mills on the Sheppy - Part Three - Draycott to Doulting (Martin Bodman)
Committee Notes and News (Brian Murless)



Bulletin 110 - April 2009


Mills on the Sheppy - Part Two - Darshill to Draycott (Martin Bodman)



Bulletin 109 - December 2008

Winsham Water (Derrick Warren)
Mills on the Sheppy - Part One - Coxley to Croscombe (Martin Bodman)



Bulletin 108 - August 2008


Somerset Roads Twenty Years On (Brian Murless)
The 2008 South Wales and West Region Industrial Archaeological Conference



Bulletin 107 - April 2008


Pencil Manufacture in Chard (W. D. Close)
Gas Lighting on the D&DJR (David Gledhill)
Funding for the Canal and Parkland Structures of Nynehead (Denis Dodd)



Bulletin 106


The Waterwheel at Volis Farm (Brian Murless)
The Acland Hood Arm Brewhouse (Mary Miles)
The Pumps of Pawlett Hams (Iain Miles)



Bulletin 105


Where have all the Bleachfields gone? (Sandy Buchanan)
An interesting aspect of Cheddar sewerage (Richard Ivens)



Bulletin 104


Boat Lifts of the Grand Western Canal (Denis Dodd)
Building and Waterwheel at Purtington (Derrick Warren)
Castle Hill Lime Kilns,Wiveliscombe (Roger Burton)



Bulletin 103


The Excavation of the Incline Winding House at Brendon Hill (Mike Jones)



Bulletin 102


High Ham and Ashcott Turnpike Trust (Sandy Buchanan)
Notes on Burnett’s Warehouse, Highbridge (Brian Murless)



Bulletin 101


Mr Slape’s Brick Kiln (Brian Murless)
A Chard Beam Engine in America (Damian Nance)
Paper Mills at Dulcote near Wells (Brian Luker)



Articles published in earlier Bulletins have included:

Flax before Victorian Times
    Tunnels at Wincanton
    William Sparrow Ltd, Martock
    Update on Waterwheels in Devon & Somerset
    Percy Winsor of Yeovil
    Newport Mills
Exmoor Waterpower
Industrial Activities at Penselwood

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